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Beautiful newborn baby photographs from Chumba newborn baby photography.
T-73-2T-36Close up newborn baby with chin on arms laying on a purple blanket with a white mohair crochet hat.Newborn baby photography showing feet in focus and face out of focus.  Shot in Chumba newborn studio Baston, rutlandsleeping newborn babysleeping newborn babysleeping newborn babysleeping newborn babyChumba Newborn Baby MetalicaIsla Fallsleeping newborn babyVery high key newborn baby full body sleepingNewborn baby in high keyFile 26-11-2015, 19 46 47File 26-11-2015, 19 40 25File 26-11-2015, 19 32 53File 25-11-2015, 20 20 27sleeping newborn babyEM-64-FBEM-57-FB